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Queensland's Premier Swingers Club

X-ClubThe X-Club is Queensland's Premier Swingers Club and is located in the heart of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Our exclusive, private swingers party brings open minded couples together for a night of entertainment and fun, without any obligation to participate.

Our swingers party is held in a private, luxurious air conditioned tower apartment overlooking the ocean from Main Beach to Broadbeach.

X-Club Gold Coast Swingers Party

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Gold Coast Swingers Party

Our swingers party is held in our luxurious Surfers Paradise high-rise apartment on the Gold Coast and includes live entertainment, music, movies and massage. Open minded adults can explore a sexual fantasy, observe others, socialise or relax with a massage.

Original X-Club Couple

Our first time at a swingers club was in 1996 but our interest in swinging started a long time before that. It was not long before we were sharing Penthouse magazines and discussing the beautiful women within.

Wedding Night Swingers

After our wedding and reception it was decided that our "after party" should get started in a local motel, where we had booked a room for the night. This was a first time bi-sexual experience for my best mates girlfriend Sophie.

Swingers Bloopers
There are many stories about mishaps and mis-adventure when it comes to the experiences of swingers. Here are some of the funny stories created from what we have seen and/or have personally experienced at the club.
Living as a Threesome

The following is a true story about a married couple living with their bi-sexual lover, Star. (The names have been changed but someone out there knows who we are!)

Swingers and Adult Dating

The first and foremost advantage with dating online is that you can contact people without revealing your real identity, avoiding any embarrassment (or harassment) if doesn't work out.

Legal or Underground?
Congratulations to Couples International for their effort to become the first legal swingers club in Queensland. Brisbane City Council have approved their development application paving the way to legitimise the swinger's lifestyle choice.
Sex, Politics and Censorship
Did you know that the federal government's proposed filter will slow the internet by up to 87%? It would block all adult sites, many sex education sites, some dating sites and also 1 in 12 other websites mistakenly.
Sex Toy Test Drive
View instructional videos, pictures and informed comments on how to use and get the most out of the latest sex toys. Learn new techniques and try them at home. 
Fiction - Girl Out of Control
It was driving her out of her mind this condition of constantly being sexually aroused, but the only thing Alana could do to relieve the tension was to slip off to the restroom and masturbate furiously until achieving the necessary orgasm to calm her nerves!!!

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